Corridors Tree Planting on Figtree & Davidson Creek, Sunday Nov 18, 3pm

50 Volunteers planted 1500 trees….Come along next time!

Directions going south: Go through Fishery Falls. You will pass McDonnell Creek State School on the right, then slow down because you will be taking a right before the Figtree Creek bridge. There will be signs before and on the turn off, but make sure you indicate early to warn cars behind that you are slowing down and taking a left onto GRAVEL. Be careful going over the RAIL & LOCO lines then follow the signs.

This project is a partnership between Mulgrave Landcare and Greening Australia, supported by the Australian Government Reef Trust and the Accor Hotel Group. It is part of Greening Australia’s Reef Aid program to improve water quality on the Great Barrier Reef, and, Mulgrave Landcare’s core business of connecting biodiversity corridors throughout the Mulgrave Catchment.