Local Rainforest Plants

Local Rainforest Plants

Mulgrave Landcare strives to plant the right plants in the right place at the right time. All the native plants we use are endemic to our Wet Tropics region. Trees are grown my members or sourced from our partners at the Cairns Regional Council where plants are grown from locally collected seeds in the council nursery at Stratford. Our plantings consist of a range of species tailored to the individual sites. These include fast-growing pioneer species which mature quickly to provide cover; slower-growing secondary species; and more long-lasting species which will eventually take over from the pioneers and grow into mature forest species.

For more information on the diverse plants of far north Queensland, try this link to the Rainforest Key.


Or at the James Cook University Discover Plants website:


Or, find out more about the resources available at the Australian Tropical Herbarium http://www.ath.org.au/